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Strada22 Learn Italian in person and online
Strada22 Edinburgh

Welcome to Strada22


This is where your journey into the Italian language begins. 
Strada is the Italian word for road, but it also has the figurative meaning of journey and path. 
Learning a language is a journey, a beautiful one to enjoy at each step of the way by appreciating every small achievement.

In the Strada22 journey you’ll be learning the Italian language and discovering Italian culture in fun, supportive and cooperative classes, focused on communication from the very first lesson. Along the way you’ll meet interesting people with the same interest as you in Italy and the Italian language. 
We really hope you’ll enjoy your Italian journey with us.

Italian textbooks and materials

Online courses

Learn Italian from the comfort of your home with our dynamic Zoom classes.

Learn Italian in Edinburgh

In-person courses

Learn Italian in supportive and cooperative classes, focused on communication from the very first lesson. Start your Italian journey!


Intensive Course

Intensive Italian allows you to focus on your specific needs and areas of development.

Italian Taster class Edinburgh

Taster class

Not sure about what to expect from a class? You're welcome to try a lesson before enrolling in one of our courses. 

Our students say...

Learn Italian at Strada22 Edinburgh

"I've been studying Italian at Strada22 for over a year now and the experience has been fantastic. From setting this up to the classes themselves, they are very well organised, fun and I'm finally able to put a few sentences together!!"


Our method is based on the immersion approach, so lessons feature a lot of speaking and verbal communication and are designed to encourage students to express themselves from the very beginning.

Full immersion method

Full immersion

Our tutors are qualified native teachers, who are passionate about language education. We know the best learning happens when interest is high, which is why we love leading classes that are dynamic, engaging and enjoyable for students and teachers alike.

Native Italian teachers

Native teachers

We work with a maximum of 8 students per class, so each student can get the best of the course. Our aim is not just to be a terrific Italian Language School, but a warm and supportive family.

Small groups

Small groups

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