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Timetable, prices & locations


At Strada22 we offer Italian lessons throughout the year. 

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To find out your level take the placement test.

For more details about levels & contents click here


September-November 16h, 2h a week
November-January 16h, 2h a week
February-April,16h, 2h a week
April-June, 16h, 2 a week
June-August, 16h, 2 a week
Classes are once a week, Monday to Friday, according to availability.
For details, please
contact us


The cost of a term is £125 + textbook

A 10% concession (£112.50) is offered to full time students, unemployed and pensioner.

The cost of half term is £70 + textbook

Are you a total beginner?

You don't need a level assessment. Please contact us to enrol. 

Next total beginner courses:

  • In-person 8 week course: Tuesday from 21st November to 12th December & from 9th to 30th January. Time16:00-18:00 at 55 Albany St.; 

  • In-person 8 week course: Friday from 24th November to 15th December & from 12th January to 2nd February. Time: 11:00-13.00 at at 55 Albany St.; 

  • Online 8 week course: Wednesday from 22nd November to 13th December & from 10th to 31st January. Time: 18:30-20:30. 


All levels are available A1 to C2. If you are not a total beginner, please complete your free level assessment and we will get back to you with the most suitable course.

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