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How we teach Italian Strada22 Edinburgh

How we teach


In the Strada22 journey you’ll be learning the Italian language and discovering Italian culture in fun, supportive and cooperative classes, focused on communication from the very first lesson. Classes will be taught online or in person and will be in small groups (max 8-10 people), one-to-one or two-to-one. You choose the way you prefer to learn, and we offer you the best service according to your needs. Everything starts with an online assessment quiz followed by a quick chat with one of our teachers that will make sure you join the right class according to your level. 
In each class we will be covering interesting and current topics using text and audio supports. We will be analysing and working on the grammar structures seen in the text or audio and the related vocabulary. We will be practising the language using the structures learned. 

Our classes are student-centred: the learning is focused on the students’ needs, abilities, learning styles and interests, with the teacher as a facilitator of learning. This method includes: active learning, in which students solve problems, make hypothesis, answer questions, discuss, complete tasks independently; cooperative learning in which students work in groups on problems or projects, generating both a positive interdependence and individual accountability; an inductive teaching and learning, where the teacher uses open-ended questions and activities to guide the student towards their understanding. This method involves the learners detecting, or noticing, patterns and working out a rule for themselves before they practise the language.

Your learning will be supported by an online platform where you'll find the class materials and a space to interact with your classmates and teachers. 

How we teach Italian Strada22 Italian
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