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Holiday Destination

Italian for holidays.


This course is designed to develop your Italian skills and boost your confidence in speaking Italian, with a focus on the main holiday scenarios: bars, restaurants, hotels, walking around the city, and shopping.  

  • Native & qualified teachers.

  • Full immersion method.

  • Friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

  • Small learning groups (10 students).

  • Online platform to support your study.

  • Mondays 13.30-15:30h from 22nd April to 10th June.

  • Fee: £125

Italian for holidays

Level requirements: You’re not a complete beginner. You know greetings in Italian, can introduce yourself and other people, can ask and give personal information. You can speak about your family and friends and describe them. You’re able to speak about your interests, hobbies and free time activities. Ideally, you’ve completed a 16h total beginner course and a 16h beginner 2 course.

How to book your course?

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